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Supporting the Collaborative

Why should I support the Ward 7 Arts Collaborative?

For over 20 years, the Ward 7 Arts Collaborative has supplied quality programs and events that celebrate and stimulate the rich culture and heritage of our community. Every tax-deductible donation to W7AC allows this service to continue. Councilwoman Yvette Alexander with Board A sampling of W7AC sponsored/co-sponsored activities:
  • Identified the organization as a stake holder for The Strand Theatre RFP
  • A Creative Profile: Artists of the East Bank featured Ward 7 and Ward 8 artists at the Anacostia Community Museum
  • Monthly articles in East of the River which focus on issues relevant to Ward 7 artists
  • Art projects at Smothers and C.W. Harris public schools
  • Referrals for Ward 7 artists, writers, designers and teachers
  • Framing and acrylic paint workshops for visual artists
  • Arts advocacy and consulting on public works projects including Great Streets and Eastgate Cultural Center
  • DC Arts Commission grant workshops held in Ward 7

How do I contribute to the Ward 7 Arts Collaborative?

  • Direct or unrestricted donation
  • Cash
  • In-Kind (services or time)
  • Pledge (Amount to be honored within one year)
It is now possible to donate to the Ward 7 Arts Collaborative on the internet! All transactions are encrypted and secured by Paypal.