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Mark Anson Brown


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I found my niche in pottery about twelve years ago, after trying several other mediums such as photography and jewelry making. Pottery just seemed to be a natural fit. I just reverted back to my childhood of playing in the mud. Oops! I mean creating wonderful pieces of functional pottery.

On the more serious side, I am a third generation Washingtonian graduating from Spin garn high school. After obtaining my B.S. degree from Friends University, Wichita, KS, I spent five years teaching in DC Public Schools. From there I went on to a twenty-three year career working for NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center.

I do not consider myself a formally trained potter, which is why I continue to take classes and workshops. I work primarily from home and at the studios of the Clay Queen of Del Ray, VA and Eastern Market Pottery. I often do shows at these studious and with the Dirty Hands group. I have been greatly influenced through the tutelage of Renee Altman, Audrey Jones and Ramon Camarillo. Also of great influence through their workshops were Billy Van Gilder, Malcolm Davis and Dave Straney.


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