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Ward 7 Artists Meet and Greet at W7AC

On May 28 the Ward 7 Arts Collaborative invited artists throughout the Ward to network with one another while learning about some of the valuable resources that are available through the Collaborative. Executive Director Wanda Aikens spoke on the W7AC membership package, the Artist Bank, and the Artist Directory. Presentations were given by W7AC partners Galerie Myrtis, Annie's Art Gallery, and the Copyright Alliance. A synopsis of topics discussed follows below.
For $25 artists receive a yearlong membership, which includes:
  • The opportunity to have their art purchased and displayed in the Ward 7 Arts Collaborative traveling Art Bank
  • $25 discount to the Galerie Myrtis workshop titled "Strategies for Securing Gallery Exhibitions: How to Enter the Professional Art Market" (offered to the first 10 members to sign up)
  • A customizable profile page on the W7AC Online website
  • An online gallery featuring the artists best works
  • Updates on opportunities available to Ward 7 and DC artists
  • The chance to network with other Ward 7 artists and art supporters

Artist Bank
The Ward 7 Arts Collaborative is submitting a requisition for artists east of the river to submit original works of art for the W7AC Art Artist Bank. The Ward 7 Arts Collaborative wishes to purchase ten works of art for our permanent collection. This collection will be lent out temporarily to various venues in order to showcase the talents of ward 7 artists. Upon submitting a work to the collection, the artist will receive a $100 commission for the piece. In addition, the artist will receive a letter verifying the tax-exempt status of the donation for tax usage. The goal of this traveling exhibit is to generate more exposure for both the individual artist, as well as the Ward 7 Arts Collaborative Organization.

Artist Directory
The Ward 7 Arts Collaborative is developing a directory that will showcase and promote artist throughout ward 7. The Collaborative plans on producing an initial run of 3000 copies to be distributed to local museums, art buyers, organization, businesses, and individuals.

Workshop- "Strategies for Securing Gallery Exhibitions: How to Prepare for the Professional Art Market"
On Saturday, June 21 Galerie Myrtis ( will be giving the aforementioned workshop in the Collaborative's multi-purpose room. Artists participating in the workshop will learn a range of topics including (but not limited to) self-promotion, developing a professional portfolio, approaching a fine art gallery, art contracts, and art copyright.
Annie's Art Gallery
Annie's Art Gallery is one of the Collaboratives supporters and partners. The Gallery provides its customers with the best quality framed art. They travel and search high and low for the best unique quality of products to serve their customers. Their art framing is so unique, that it has an artistic style of it's own. At AAG, they are the best at what they do because they frame great art that is designed from their hearts.
Copyright Alliance
One of the Collaborative's newest partners includes the Copyright Alliance. The Copyright Alliance believes that copyright law promotes creativity and job creation and strengthens the U.S. economy. Those who create, render and publish copyrighted works, rely on the copyright law and its enforcement, for their creative and financial success. Without it, these creators would likely cease to exist, or at the very least, cease to produce these important works that are enjoyed by billions of people around the world.